Really...can you taste the difference?

Last night team Bean & Ground was lucky enough to join a group of One Element SUPers on the River Thames for an evening paddle. Rather than it being an excercise fest the occasion became a perfect setting for talking business, and in our case the business of fresh coffee.

We are always looking at ways to push out the #freshisbest message to coffee drinkers around the UK. We are pretty confident that if we could allow everyone to sample freshly roasted coffee side-by-side some 30+ day old supermarket stuff then the quest would be easy. However, it is much harder to back up these claims without a few bags, a grinder, and a kettle to hand!

When on the paddleboard, moving slowly against the current, we were asked the most common of questions:
"Really...can you tast the difference?".

We found our answer to be quite sales-led and unconvincing:

"Of course, you really can, you should sign up to our club and try it!".

Straight away we spotted a flaw in our answer. How the hell can we, as sellers of fresh coffee, be trusted to judge. It got us thinking about how we can make it easy for coffee drinkers to make the comparison. The answer...

...we need you guys to go out and buy a £4 bag of supermarket-sold coffee, brew it up in the same way as you brew Bean & Ground, and then tweet your 'score out of 10' verdict. We will then collate all these verdicts onto this blog as a ready-to-be-shared evidence sheet of why #freshisbest.

Right, where is that aeropress filter disc....

(Thank you to Active360 for taking us paddleboarding, and to One Element for making it all happen.)


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