Don't destroy the ritual

Now we are not ones to turn away from technology, in fact we tend to embrace most new and shiny things, however we have found something we think is silly.

Introducing the Mr.Coffee Wemo Start Coffeemaker. I will let the marketing blurb explain what it is...

"Enabled with WeMo®, the Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker makes it easy to schedule, monitor, and modify your brew from anywhere. Sleep in a little longer by setting up a brewing schedule in advance. Then monitor your brew status from your smart device to make sure you don't get out of bed before the coffee's ready. The free WeMo® app lets you configure weeks' worth of brew times at once."

Are you kidding me!? They have identified that we now need a machine that allows us to configure weeks' worth of brew times at once from our smart-arse phone.

Drinking the perfectly tasting coffee whilst at home is not driven by convenience. It is driven by a glorious ritual that involves noise, smell, passion, and an appreciation for the good things in life. The habit of brewing great tasting coffee is not one that we get annoyed with or one that we are trying to kick.

Be gone dear shiny machine, take your ritual distroying intentions elsewhere please.

Note: we first spotted this over at We still love these guys despite this #fail ;-)


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