Coffee-Life balance is out of kilter

This is an excellent guest post by Kevin Firth (@Lentilboy77), one of our coffee club members. Thank you Kevin.

It's Saturday, its 8am and I’m on-call and its already been a tricky week. A very tricky week.

I've had to focus on work a little more than is normal. We achieved great things but operationally we were let down by two things:

  1. Instant coffee with a hint of chicory
  2. A lack of Bourbon biscuits

This resulted in a terrible situation my coffee / life balance looked like this:


Remembering that I had this hiding at the back of the fridge. I sought urgent help and contacted the good people at Bean and Ground for some advice.


And like all great experts suggested the perfect remedy. Bourbon biscuits, and of course coffee....

The Bourbon is the perfect animal to deal with a dunking. Its internal structure and crumb based integrity make it perfect to deal with the rigors of immersion.


But just be careful not to over commit on the dunking. No one needs a biscuit based floater contaminating their coffee

So I'll keep this short. If your coffee / life balance is out of kilter:

  1. Get some decent coffee from Bean and Ground (use the code LENTILBOY and your first 2 bags will only cost £2)
  2. Brew it using your preferred method. Mines an Aeropress (today at least)
  3. Take your weapon of choice (I prefer a Bourbon biscuit)
  4. Get the two together
  5. Enjoy awesomeness.

You'll be back in shape before you know it...... And remember. Step away from the Chicory, and stay away from the instant stuff. It's Just not coffee - trust me.....

Author: a guest post by Kevin Firth (@Lentilboy77)


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