Christmas Roast & Post Schedule 2016

So we have just come off the phone to Santa and he has kindly informed us that Christmas is just around the corner. He also gave us a nudge to make sure we let you know how our Christmas Delivery Schedule here at the Roastery is looking.

Order by Midnight on the 18th of December for Pre-Xmas delivery

Postman Pat is booked in to pick up our last delivery of pre-christmas deliveries on the 22nd of December. As such, and if you would like your freshly roasted coffee to arrive before Santa arrives then make sure you have updated your delivery preferences by midnight on Sunday the 18th December. Please be aware that this is a busy time of year for Royal Mail and they do not guarantee your deliveries to be on time. Order ahead of schedule to avoid disappointment.

You can visit your account page here.

Order by the 22nd for Post-Xmas delivery

The first post after Christmas is either the 27th, or 29th of Dec. If you would like a wee festive top up to arrive on these days then we will post out your coffee on the 23rd. Postman Pat will keep it safe whilst Christmas dinners are being eaten, before he then delivers them to you after the chaos has calmed down.

Simply choose "23rd Dec" as your next delivery via your account page here.

Please be aware, it's a busy time of year for Royal Mail and they don't guarantee your deliveries to be on time. Order ahead of schedule to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions about the festive delivery please do just drop us a note to the team at

Calling all cyclists | Be seen!

We are massive fans of supporting new and exciting products that can help us live our lifes to full. As keen cyclist ourselves finding out about Lumo has been....well quite enlightening (boom boom!).

The Lumo

Lumo is a new company and they are currently trying to launch their first two products to market. The DNA of the products is based around keeping cyclists safe when riding in the dark, whilst also keeping them warm and looking hip and funky.

Do take a look at their excellent Kickstarter Campaign where you can pre-order and ensure they reach their target (at the time of writing they were almost there!). UPDATE: The campaign has already met their target but there is still time to back them!

Our favourite is their Bermondsey Backpack - it looks awesome as well as being a safety device. We would purchase one if we didn't already have our most favourite thing in the world on our backs already! - our Cotopaxi Kilimanjaro.

Lumo Bag

The Cotopaxi Kilimanjaro

We do not think there are many bags out there that can compete with brilliance of this little number. With 20L of capacity it is big enough to pack your gym kit and towel but small enough to be a day pack for your travels.

This a picture of the Cotopaxi Kilimanjaro we love...
Cotopaxi Kilimanjaro

The build quality really stands out and although it does not have those fancy 'weathertight' zips the ones it does have are ruggid, easy to open, and very good looking. With three seperate compartments, an inner laptop sleeve, and two water bottle holders it wins in many places. The front straps include chest and waist tightners meaning it does not move, even when running i.e. getting chased by a bear in the forest.

Overall, we cannot say enough about this little bag - the fact that it was a Birthday pressie makes it all the more special.

Our mini coffee gift guide

Fed up of giving your coffee loving loved one a Starbucks Gift card, or buying them a new cafetiere to replace the last glass one that broke? Look no further than our gift guide.

The Kettle

The standard kettle does not really cut the mustard when it comes to brewing fresh coffee at home. The limescale, the random temperatures, the lack of pouring control.

Not many people want to see a new kettle emerge from under the tree but all coffee lovers will thank you for this one!


Check out the electric, temperature measuring, spout smart Bonavita Gooseneck on Amazon.

Typical Price: £88

The Grinder

The most important piece of equipment in the coffee lovers brewing arsenal. We have two great yet affordable grinders - although one does require a bit more elbow grease than the other!

The Hario Skerton Hand Grinder is a manual star. We love the ritual involved in the turning of the handle and appreciate the fact it can grind for 3-4 cups at a time if you are lucky. Probably not for those who are in a rush mind...!

Hario Skerton Hand Grinder

Typical Price: £22

The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder is little burr grinder for those that want to take their first steps into the world of electric grinders. Ok, so it is not quite as pure as a manual but the Baratza is a super machine that delivers consistent grind time after time.

Hario Skerton Hand Grinder

Typical Price: £130

The Brewers

The aptly named Clever Dripper is an odd looking thing but it delivers in droves. With a 'clever' little valve on the bottom of conical holder it proves a little less messy than the traditional V60.

The Clever Dripper

Typical Price: £18

The chap who invented the old skool Aerobie frisbie disc has done it again, this time designing one of the most popular coffee brewers ever made. The Aeropress is hard to describe but it is very easy to use. The brews that come from this little tool are so good that cafes are starting to offer this technique alongside their normal espresso drinks.

The Aeropress

Typical Price: £26

A gift subscription

Ok, so we are a tad biased her but we truly believe giving the gift of Bean & Ground Coffee Club membership is an excellent choice. Unlike other 'coffee clubs' out there each delivery includes two single origin coffees, each different from the other.

We have tried to make it as simple as possible to purchase too. Each delivery costs £7.95 (inc delivery!), and you can choose to give as many deliveries as you like to the lucky recipient. Wow, we have had one kind soul gift 24 deliveries earlier this year.

Please do visit for more information. Or if you have any questions simply drop us a line at

Now please go and have a wonderful Christmas time full of delicious food, happy friends and families, and gazillion cups of freshly roasted coffee.

Matt, Danny, and Justine.

Coffee-Life balance is out of kilter

This is an excellent guest post by Kevin Firth (@Lentilboy77), one of our coffee club members. Thank you Kevin.

It's Saturday, its 8am and I’m on-call and its already been a tricky week. A very tricky week.

I've had to focus on work a little more than is normal. We achieved great things but operationally we were let down by two things:

  1. Instant coffee with a hint of chicory
  2. A lack of Bourbon biscuits

This resulted in a terrible situation my coffee / life balance looked like this:


Remembering that I had this hiding at the back of the fridge. I sought urgent help and contacted the good people at Bean and Ground for some advice.


And like all great experts suggested the perfect remedy. Bourbon biscuits, and of course coffee....

The Bourbon is the perfect animal to deal with a dunking. Its internal structure and crumb based integrity make it perfect to deal with the rigors of immersion.


But just be careful not to over commit on the dunking. No one needs a biscuit based floater contaminating their coffee

So I'll keep this short. If your coffee / life balance is out of kilter:

  1. Get some decent coffee from Bean and Ground (use the code LENTILBOY and your first 2 bags will only cost £2)
  2. Brew it using your preferred method. Mines an Aeropress (today at least)
  3. Take your weapon of choice (I prefer a Bourbon biscuit)
  4. Get the two together
  5. Enjoy awesomeness.

You'll be back in shape before you know it...... And remember. Step away from the Chicory, and stay away from the instant stuff. It's Just not coffee - trust me.....

Author: a guest post by Kevin Firth (@Lentilboy77)

Don't destroy the ritual

Now we are not ones to turn away from technology, in fact we tend to embrace most new and shiny things, however we have found something we think is silly.

Introducing the Mr.Coffee Wemo Start Coffeemaker. I will let the marketing blurb explain what it is...

"Enabled with WeMo®, the Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker makes it easy to schedule, monitor, and modify your brew from anywhere. Sleep in a little longer by setting up a brewing schedule in advance. Then monitor your brew status from your smart device to make sure you don't get out of bed before the coffee's ready. The free WeMo® app lets you configure weeks' worth of brew times at once."

Are you kidding me!? They have identified that we now need a machine that allows us to configure weeks' worth of brew times at once from our smart-arse phone.

Drinking the perfectly tasting coffee whilst at home is not driven by convenience. It is driven by a glorious ritual that involves noise, smell, passion, and an appreciation for the good things in life. The habit of brewing great tasting coffee is not one that we get annoyed with or one that we are trying to kick.

Be gone dear shiny machine, take your ritual distroying intentions elsewhere please.

Note: we first spotted this over at We still love these guys despite this #fail ;-)

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