5 of our favourite brewing techniques

Here at Bean & Ground we are on a mission to get the UK discovering new and exciting coffee one freshly roasted cup at a time. We firmly believe that to get the best cup you first need fresh coffee and then a tried and tested brewing technique. Here are our favourite 5.

1. The Aeropress

Invented by the creator of the awesome Aerobie frisbee thingy, the aeropress has taken the coffee world by storm. It is easy to see how as it allows you to brew some of the tastiest and cleaniest tasting coffee's known to man.


The guys over at DoubleShot have put together a brilliant video guide on the Aeropress. Check it out here - DoubleShot on Vimeo

2. The Chemex

It looks great, tastes great, and it a ritualised brewing technique that somehow calms your soul when in use. The Chemex comes in a couple of sizes, and make sure you get the correct filters, but it is hard to beat the joy of pouring sweet coffee nectar from a Chemex.


The excellent Barefoot coffee from San Jose in the US have pulled together a lovely how-to video - BareFoot on Vimeo

3. The French Press

Also goes by the name of the cafetiere, this trusty steed has served coffee drinking bods for many a year. It often breaks, can give a slightly earthy mouthfeel, and is not that visually exciting but it does a great job. This one is a social beast that would prove to be an excellent fly on the wall in many a coffee morning with friends.

(Check out the lovely Mason jar-based Portland Press below)

French Press

Here Verve roasters explain the french press as well as they roast coffee! - Verve on Vimeo

4. The V60 Pour-over

Straight forward in looks but complex in flavour delivery. The V60 should be a staple in the coffee lovers cupboard (after a burr grinder of course!). Mobile, good looking, and generally a superstart of the coffee world!


Heart Roasters love (see what we have done there!) the V60 enough to layout the brewing steps for you to follow - Heart - How To Series

5. The Stovetop

The oldest on the list but also the one with the most passionate following. How many times have you heard "I do not go anywhere without my trusty Stovetop". Sometimes called the Mokapot, this hardy piece of Italian steel delivers strength in depth whenever used.


The famous Stumpton have penned a very shiny looking guide to getting the best out of your Mokapot - Stumptown do the MokaPot

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